6 Body Language Signals That Unlock More Winning Negotiations

You have a huge benefit in a negotiation, if you’re smart at accurately decoding body language signals during a negotiation; you have a huge advantage in the negotiation. There are body languages which you should observe as they have got meanings. The following are language signals to see to be able to crack more winning in a negotiation.

Hand To Mouth

sgcfcsfcsNegotiators indicate his words have something to hide when he communicates while covering his mouth. He may suggest that he doesn’t believe what you are saying if he covers his mouth while you are speaking. Ask if he understands what you are saying if he covers his mouth while you are speaking, requests his feedback. You would get an insight if he believed what you said in his comments.

Hand Rubbing Eyes Or Eye

It is a signal which indicates non-belief of what one is seeing.  Your opposing negotiator may think of your counter-offer or the offer in a pictorial form if such is observed while you are speaking. Gather more insight by being smart on other body signals exhibited at this time into meaning from the opposing negotiator’s gestures.

Hands/Fingers, And Folding Ear

This gesture should be an attempt of soothing oneself as a result of thinking they maybe in a weak position or it is a disbelief sign on what they are hearing. To detail, the meaning accurately observes what was being discussed, how long it lasted and you observed when the gesture began and at what point it ceased.

Eyes Pupil Dilation

It is associated with positivity when the pupil expands, as it is a negative emotion displayed when they are contracted. Look for a frown denoting sadness and a smile indicating happiness gestures to detect additional meanings.

Lean Back Or Forward

A negotiator will tend to lean forward if he is interested, he wants to be closer to it and likes what is occurring. When he is displeased with the offer, he will display the different gesture.

Eyes Down, Up, Or Sidewayssfcsfcsf

It is a visual recall mode when a looking up and to the left. It is a creation mode when looking up and to the right. Looking to the right is audio creation mode while looking to the left is normal auditory to recall. Looking to the left and downwards usually means internal conversation; looking to the right the down indicates kinesthetic feelings.