Where Can You Get a Payday Loan on Weekends in Case of Emergency?

No matter how carefully you plan your finances, there might still come a time when you’ll find yourself backed into a corner, scared and with no idea of where to find help. Your loved one could be hospitalized, your friend could get into troubles, and if it happened during weekends, you might find yourself in a desperate situation. It’s good when your family can help you out, but if they can’t and all services stopped working until Monday, things are tough. Still, there’re two options you could rely on.   

The Money Shop

You might not be aware of it but there are lenders who work on weekends. All you have to do is check whether there are any 24/7 money shops in your area. You’ll be able to apply for a payday loan right from the lender’s store, and since such places operate on weekends specifically in case of emergencies, your application will be processed quickly.

The potential lender-manager will review your information and provide you with his/her decision right there. It means that in less than two hours, you’ll likely leave the store with the cash you need. However, there is an even quicker option that’s also available on weekends.

Online Payday Loan

While some sites don’t have any weekend-loans options, there are plenty of places where you could find an online lender. You can look for 24/7 sites that will connect you with one of the weekend lenders in less than 15 minutes. There are just three things you’re going to need for your application to be approved within the shortest timeframe.

  • being 18 y.o. minimum;
  • having a place of employment;
  • having an active bank account.

If you agree with the interest rates that are going to be imposed on your payday loan, the money you need will be sent to your account in under an hour. Apart from the places that connect you with lenders, there are also 24/7 sites that act as a lender directly. The waiting period might be even shorter and you’ll be able to learn about the interest rates faster, so you’d know right away whether you find the conditions satisfying.

If you need money urgently and everything’s closed until Monday, don’t panic. Check money shops that you could be unaware of. You can also find a 24/7 payday loan company that’ll back you up on weekends.

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